Friday, August 21, 2015

The Lost Summer And Magnus Walker Porsche Fan

This has been an unusual summer for me.  A blur since June 29th when I received a call while in New York from my neighbor.   It had been a rewarding day that started at 4:00AM when I got up to head for Watkins Glen as this was the day I'd been waiting for.  It was the running of the Sahlen Six Hours at The Glen IMSA sports car race.  You have seen several of my photographs from that day in recent posts.  It was a triumph in the sense I got the photos I had hoped for and despite an overcast day the lighting was good for some really nice shots. I also came away with one of my photos of the year- a works Porsche on two wheels rounding the chicane at the end of the long front straight. Nice!

It was 4:00PM and I had just climbed out of my car headed up the steps walking into the kitchen to say hi, I'm home, to my wife, Diane.   She could not reply as she was on the phone, which she handed over to me in an instant. It was Larry from next door on the line and I'm wondering why he would call me on a Sunday afternoon?   He was calling to say my house was flooded and he had just shut off the water to the toilet.  The supply line had leaked and the entire house had an inch of water on the floor.  By 5:30 PM Diane and I were in the car driving back to Florida. At 1:30 PM on Monday after driving all night we arrived back in Seminole to find our house swarming with men drying out the place.  Thanks to Paul Davis Restoration of Pinellas, their guys were on it within an hour of my call the night before.

Despite the disaster, we have been slowly getting back to normal but my blogging activity has been running on 6 of 8 cylinders ever since then.  We were lucky that we caught it right after it happened and the Paul Davis Restoration people have been our heros.

So what to do while we wait for our home to get fixed?   I'm now staying in a condo in Indian Shores and here on the second floor make shift office  I am surfing the web for some interesting content to add to the blog. I received the latest Grassroots Motorsports magazine and I was immediately drawn to the article `Magnus Walker: Ultimate Porsche Fan'.  In the article by Dan Scanlan there is a reference to a 32 minute video by Tamir Moscovici.  I checked it out and found it something every Porsche fan should see.  Magnus describes in sensory terms why he loves Porsches and why Porsche fans are in love with the Porsche brand.  I highly recommend you take the time to see this and if you can, check out the Grassroots Motorsports article too.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I can't wait to fire up the Boxster and hear that engine as I head down Gulf Boulevard along the beach. 


Wet Porsche Poster

Recovery Underway:

Beautiful New Hardwood Floor


Look At How Magnus Walker Relaxes:

Great Cars, Great Music- Watch The Video!


Learn More About Magnus Walker

Saturday Morning Ride Is Calling

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tribute To The Porsche 918 Spyder And Jules Bianchi

Here's something for you-  a tribute to the Porsche 918 Spyder.  The last one has been built and it promises to be a classic.  I told my staff it was my favorite sports car, so what did they do for my birthday?   Take a look at the only Porsche 918 Spyder cake in existence at this moment- but not for long. It will be gone by the end of the week.  And not to be outdone, my daughter knows how much I like my Porsche, so she had Porsche cookies made for me.

The cake came from Publix and the cookies from a friend of hers that is incredibly talented as the picture shows.

Porsche Cake and Cookies- For The Man Who Has Everything
Except a 918 Spyder.
Here's a video that demonstrates how a 818 is 'born' and another video that shows how this work of art performs- stunning!
Click below for two videos worth watching.
On a more somber note, Jules Bianci died the Friday before the Hungarian Grand Prix.  It was a wild race with Ferrari and Vettel winning.  See this excellent 4 minute recap of the race and the emotional tribute to Jules.  Sebastian Vettel dedicated his win to Jules on his cool down lap.