Saturday, January 16, 2021

My 1989 Spider Is For Sale See BaT

Hello All,    Here's a tip for anyone looking for a really nice Alfa Romeo Spider.  My 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio is being offered for sale on Bring A Trailer's web auction site. It should be posted by the time you read this or within a day or two.   

Why would I sell such a nice example of the classic Italian sports car?  One word- GTV.  Yes, I have a GTV coming out of the restoration shop this week and between storage and the cost to properly restore my 1972 GTV, I have to make a sacrifice.  So if you are thinking of picking up a great Spider complete with air conditioning for Spring and Summer enjoyment this could be your car.

Here's a treat for all Alfa lovers- a TV Commercial from the '70s featuring the GTV and the Spider. Click below to see why these cars have held their value after all these years.  

I Love My Alfa Romeo

When you see the listing you will see that all the work has been done for you, all that's left is for the new owner to drive it and enjoy it. And it is a 'looker' dressed in black with a two tone interior and geogeous red carpeting.  This is the car for social distancing and cruising to your favorite take-out resaurant!

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Delivery From Texas February 2020

Jump In And Drive In Style!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Alfa Romeo GTA - The Future and the Past

 This post is centered around a great video I discovered today that shows the engineering behind the new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm .  It's a facinating look at this new supercar; a 4 door Supercar! You can own one if you are one of the lucky 500 customers, but there's a catch.  You can't buy one in the US, only in Europe as best I can tell.  And the price?   If $155,000. is in your budget, you will be good.

The car started as an Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio and was redesigned for maximum weight reduction and aerodynamic efficiency. Looking at the GTA, it looks a lot like a regular 'Quad', but after seeing the video you will see why it costs about $70,000. more!   If you are into cars, this one says Collectible all over it.

Why?  There's only 500 total production and that is split between the more sedate GTA with a real back seat and the ultra track car, the GTAm with no back seat. No back seat? Well they throw in a roll bar, a helmet and a racing suit to make up for it.

What is so special?   You have to go back to 1965 to appreciate this car's roots. It all started with the 'little' Giulia Coupe known as the Giulia Sprint GTA and they only made 500 of them to qualify it for racing. The 'A' stands for Alleggerita, or 'lightened' in Italian.  Back then this little gem was winning a lot on the race tracks around Europe.  The advertising slogan " A win every day, with an everyday car."

So now is a good time if you have about 20 minutes on a cold winter day to pour a cup of hot tea, chocolate or coffee and take a look at the story of the 'new' GTA from Alfa.  Click on the link below and enjoy.

Click Here For The GTA Story

(Credit to Motor 1 YouTube Channel)

But before you go, as the title to this post says 'Past'.  Here's some pictures of my link to the GTA story. My very own  1972 Alfa GTV which is a close cousin to the GTA of the day. Here you see her in the paint booth at Realistic Auto Restorations in St. Petersburg, FL.  She's sporting a new Bianco Spino ( Hawthorn White) paint job, done this week after 200 hours of prep work.  As soon as I get her all back together and detailed, I'll bring you an update complete with a video of the finished product. 

And to give you an idea of what she sounds like here is a video of my generation of GTV/ GTA sounded like. In some ways this is as good, or even better sounding than the new one! Click below to listen:

Sweet Sound Of A GTV

(Credit The Image Engine YouTube Channel)

If you had time to see the video, you will see why I feel so lucky to own a piece of the Alfa Romeo story and get to drive one!  Now if I only had $155,000. and could buy a new one in Europe.....

Here is my 1972 GTV:

              Check back soon for the finished car- should be ready by Valentine's Day.💓💓

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