Saturday, March 12, 2022

Great Advertisement For The New Civic Si

 Here's a video review of the new Volkswagen GLI.  Take a look and see how many times Matt Maran compares the more expensive VW to the Honda.  I loved it.  Like a great commercial for buying the Honda Civic Si.   Check out the video below from Matt Maran Motoring!



Check out this video review of the VW GLI.  Count how many times they compare it to the Civic Si!

Matt Moran Motoring GLI Car Review        Check out this video praising the Honda Si!

Haha!-  Here's a comment from one of the viewers of this video:

I made videos about my Si and people kept telling me that I could have gotten this and that..and when I watch these reviews I just laugh. It was expensive in this market but it is just better than these cars and gets such good MPG’s, if the computer is accurate. Of course I’m talking about a tuned Si. With the Hondata carb tune the Si is almost perfect. The huge let down is the all season tires, they just plain suck if you drive the car hard because you will slide all over the place in corners. I still want the new type R but man the Si is just that good and watching the WRX and WV reviews keeps proving that to me.

And here's a road test of the Si by Car & Driver.  It is very well done and summarizes why it is such a good value for the money.

Car & Driver Driving Impressions of the Si

                 Blazing Orange Pearl Si with Aodhan wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires

And here are some new pictures taken on a spring day here in Florida:

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Wheels, Wheels and More Wheels Civic Si

 Here's a short review of the wheels for my new, 2022 Honda Civic Si.   I start with the factory Honda wheels.  They are pretty nice but a bit on the heavy side.  Take a look:


                                                              A bit heavy at 51.4 pounds!

Then we have the Enkei wheels with Continental DWS 06 Plus  set:

                                                    My favorite view of these wheels!
                                                       Nice and light at 43.6 pounds!

      Then we have the Aodhan silver wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire package.

                                                                Not bad at 46.2 pounds

    Finally, I'm down to two sets of tires and wheels- the silver Aodhan/ Michelin Summer Only tires seen here and the factory wheels with the Continental DWS 06 Plus All Season tires.

I really like the Michelins and will let you know how the Continentals work on the factory rims after I have had a chance to install and drive on them. The Enkei rims and Goodyear tires have been sold..

Spring is coming - time to get out and drive!  

Brought to you by Paul Ziegler, Publisher
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