Saturday, April 30, 2016

Preview - Formula One, Echoes From The Glen

Later this year I will be releasing my photobook " Echoes From The Glen, Forty Years Later" to commemorate  the 1976 season battle between Niki Lada and James Hunt in their fight for the world championship.  It was a year to remember as the quest for the championship was a thriller and there could not be more drama written in a Hollywood script than the reality of what went on that season.

Summer, 1976 and I was a young race fan with a camera just waiting for the boys in F-1 to make their North American appearance in Upstate New York in October. The circuit they would race at was at Watkins Glen in New York.  Tragedy had struck my favorite driver, Niki Lauda  August 1st at the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.  Niki was severely burned in a horrific crash and some said he was not expected to live.  His determination and will to win must have kept him alive because he did come back in an amazing recovery and raced in Italy at Monza, just six weeks later!  A scant 71 days after his crash in Germany, he was before my camera on the starting grid just a few yards from me!  My camera was ready.

In this blog I'll give you a teaser or two from my photo collection from that day and I have a link below that you can read about Niki's incredible return to racing at the Italian Grand Prix.

1976 Italian Grand Prix - Niki Lauda Returns

I would also like to mention a great book released by David Bull Publishing titled Formula One At Watkins Glen, 20 years of The United States Grand Prix by Michael Argetsinger. This is an important book and any Formula One fan should read it.

I got my copy today
For Your Preview-  Here's some nice black and white film shot with a Canon AE-1.
These are hand held, 400MM at 1/1000 of a second.
You Only Have One Chance To Get It Right, As Photographer Jason Lanier would say.
Wait For My Book To Identify These Drivers
The Amazing Niki Lauda- Right In Front of My Camera    October 10, 1976

And My Book Will Explain Why Six Wheels
Coming This Fall,  'Echoes from The Glen'
Bonus- The photos contain some famous F-1 celeb's you may recognize- or maybe not!
See You Next Post-  Paul Ziegler

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saturday with Cars

From duPont Registry's Cars and Coffee in St. Petersburg, FL to Bradenton Motor Speedway for some thundering, ground shaking drag racing, Saturday was a real guys day off.

To start the day I arrived at 6:20AM at the headquarters of duPont Registry where Cars & Coffee St. Petersburg is held. There's always something special and this month's indoor showroom was incredible.  There's no place in the Southeast that houses a more exotic collection than the one you  will see there.  And the nice part is, the collection keeps changing over time so you never know what you will see. For example check out the One-77 Aston Martin included below.

In addition, this month's show was well attended by the Florida Volvo Club of America. Jim Duffey brought out his recently restored1965 Volvo 1800S for a first time appearance. It is a perfect example of the sleek 60's era Volvos and he's done a superb job with making the car like new.

  Enjoy the C&C photos and then I will take you about an hour south of St. Petersburg to Bradenton.  It is as if you took a space ship to another planet in the car universe. From one of a kind exotics at Car & Coffee to plug your ears and duck and cover when the Outlaws unleash their furry for the fastest quarter mile.   Bradenton Motor Speedway is a real treat.   The photos will give you a taste of what I'm talking about.

 First -  Start the day with Cars & Coffee:

Jim Duffey's '65 Volvo 1800S

Sleek Lines

Beautiful White Two Tone

Stunning Collection

Aston Martin- One-77. Only 77 Ever Made!

Ferrari Curves With Ferrari Background!

Somehow Old Looks As Good As New

Beam Me Up Scotty- McLaren Lines

Simple - and Beautiful- BMW

And For You Porsches Fans - The New Boxster Spyder

                         Next - Head on down to Bradenton for some loud motor music:

                                                       PLUG  YOUR EARS

See Ya

Back To Work Tomorrow - Until Next Time

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hooter's Scooters and Cruise Vacation

Hello all,  Had a wonderful time on our cruise.  Am returning from vacation and sharing a few pictures with readers of this blog.  The pictures here are of travel photos and I'll return to traditional car photos and such after I recover from 7 days of being on island time and spending time in the ` It's 5 O'clock Somewhere bar'!    

Taking The Ship or The Horse and Buggy?

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

Hooter's Scooters

Drinks Anyone?

Pool Party At Night

                                                              Frogs, Not Ferg's

Heading Home

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge  at 4:00 AM
Back to Cars and racing Next Blog Post!