Sunday, June 21, 2015

Watkins Glen And A Heavy Duty Curiosity

As I was packing bags for my annual trip to Watkins Glen I took in one last car show at du Pont Registry yesterday in St. Petersburg, FL.  This month's show had a special entry from the Pinellas County Sheriff's department- an MRAP Armored Utility Vehicle.  If you wanted to see big tires and suspension parts, this qualified.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you wanted to see artistry and speed, there was a Porsche 918 Spyder.  Another great car show with something for everyone's tastes.    Take a look:    Porsches- Something old, something new, something GT-2!

   Following the pictures is a wonderful series of stories from IMSA's web site about the six hours at the Glen race on June 28th.    

Watkins Glen Review:
My Next Post will Cover the Race!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mission Accomplished Porsche Wins LeMans They Returned!

My Boxster - Backdrop For Porsche 'Mission' Poster

Screen Shot At End of Radio Coverage

 'Standing Tall' on the winning car.
 Screen shot of Porsche drivers celebrating.
Mission Accomplished Video:

This is good news for the  FIA World Endurance Championship  series. Porsche took France by storm with three new 919 Hybrids.  Result -Car #19 winning and car #17 coming in second while car #18 placed 5th.  This is Porsche's first LeMans overall win in 17 years. New cars and more competition is good for the sport and this is only part of the story.

Ford announced it is returning to LeMans for 2016 with a state of the art Ford GT that will be developed in partnership with Ganassi racing.   See link below: but one more piece of good news.

Ford GT Aims For 2016 LeMans

You Have Got To Check Out The Video On This Link- What A Race Car!

Happy days America.  One of the two Chevrolet Corvette works entries survived the weekend and placed first in class.  It was a huge win for the team and driver favorite, young Jordon Taylor.  Only 24 years old, from Orlando Florida, Jordon and brother Ricky race in the IMSA series here in the states for their father's team, Wayne Taylor Racing.

It was an exciting race all around and the advances made in the cars over last year are short of massive. During the race a new lap record of  3.17 was set by the Toyota with an average speed of 154 MPH.  Many laps were run by several different cars at speeds above last year's pole winner.  Hard to believe for a race track run partially on public roads. That is the allure of LeMans, it is a special place for 250,000 spectators. 

I'm off to Watkins Glen to capture some great shots for you.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

IMSA Drivers Drive At LeMans

Tune in this weekend to watch some of our IMSA drivers race at LeMans.  It is nice to know some of your favorite IMSA drivers will be at LeMans this weekend.  LeMans is one race known around the world and is one of the most important of all motor races held anywhere.  A win at LeMans means you go into the history book of racing and it can be the pinnacle of a driver's career, not to mention the prestige and bragging rights it gives the manufacturer. 

Here's a few of the IMSA racers from Sebring and Daytona that I saw this year to give you a glimpse of the awesome hardware (IMSA style)  provided by the top manufacturers for this 24 hour battle.  Although the cars at LeMans will be slightly different and modified for that track, this gives you a sense of what it will be like.
And check out the attached video interview of some of the IMSA drivers that will be there and their story of what it takes to compete at LeMans.

Click here to see video:

IMSA Drivers Going To LeMans

No, I will not be flying to France for the race.  Sorry, no pictures to follow, but I will be driving to Watkins Glen for the June 28th  Sahlen's Six Hour IMSA race. I'll return with some special pictures for you.

Monday, June 1, 2015

LeMans! Hello Audi: Porsche Returns Again

Audi welcomed Porsche back to LeMans one year ago this week with a classy  "Welcome Back Porsche" commercial.  For the returning former victors, 2014 was a tough re-entry into a fiercely competitive and punishing race.

In a similarly classy move, Porsche responded with a video of its own.  Watch these two giants of the racing world duke it out on the race track and watch the videos that will be talked about for quite a while. 

Oh - and here's the car that has created all the stir; the Porsche 919 recently on display for only the second time in the United States at the St. Petersburg, Florida Festival of speed, March 2015.

Welcome Back Porsche

Porsche's Reply To Audi

                                                     GET READY TO RUMBLE

Watch LeMans June 13-14