Saturday, December 20, 2014

McLaren P1 & Other Christmas Toys

du Pont Registry's Cars & Coffee in St. Petersburg ended 2014 featuring a McLaren P1.  If you have a cool $1.35 million you might get one under the Christmas tree.  Or maybe not-  all 375 that were made have been sold.  This is the gift for the man or woman that has everything!  Check out the
 stats in the link below:

McLaren P1

Also, Please check out this link to Autofluence, summarizing all of 2014 DuPont Registry Cars & Coffee gatherings in St. Petersburg, Fl.  If you are anywhere near St. Petersburg it is worth the drive to come experience Cars &Coffee every third Saturday.  Get there early- I arrive by 6:30 - 7:00 AM each time and it fills up fast. 


Merry Christmas from Car Camera and keep checking back for updates to the blog with great pics, car stories past and present and even maintenance tips for your car from over 50 years of experience detailing everything from Volkswagens to Porches and a lot of Rolls and Bentleys along the way. 

  I look forward to an exciting 2015 for Car Camera starting in January with the IMSA Tudor United/ Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona.  I have new camera gear ready to go to bring you pictures including the garages, the fan zone and of course the race track.

For now, here's some pictures from Cars & Coffee today for your viewing pleasure.

P1 Coming In For A Landing

Very Curvy

This Car Gets It's Own Private Space

On To Some Curvy Porsches


How About A Turbo?
What Will It Be-  The Red or the Blue?

With All These Wings- Can These Cars Fly?

Representing Good Old US Muscle:  Our Friend - The Viper


OH -  And A Ferrari For Under The Tree

And Throw in A Lambo For Good Measure

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Favorite Pictures Of The Year

As 2014 comes to an end,  here are my picks for pics of the year. traveled from Florida to New York on the hunt for great photos from both the auto racing world to local car shows.  Here are just a few.   I am also attaching links to my favorite videos carried on this blog. 

For Videos-  I am a Formula 1 fan so this one about Michael Schumacher is a classic. The opening comment from him talking about retiring is prophetic and the comments about him being one of the best; the 'reference point' by which others will be measured is touching.

Who Is the Best Driver in Formula 1 History?     Michael Schumacher?

Circa 2000 Ferrari

Another favorite vide is a tribute to Ayrton Senna.  Is he the best driver in Formula 1 history?  You can decide, but I think it is too close to call.   Hard to believe he's been gone 20 years-  he still has an impact on the sport and is an example for aspiring drivers.

Artistically Rendered Image   'Passion For Ayrton'

Is This The Best Driver in Formula 1 History?  Ayrton Senna?

Who is my favorite driver?    Niki Lauda

I admired his courage to come back from the nearly fatal crash at the Nurburgring in August of 1976 and be back in the car racing less than two months later.  I was witness to his courage - I had the chance to take photos of him October 10, 1976 at Watkins Glen, NY.  Amazingly, Niki autographed the four pictures I sent to him this summer- He even returned them from Europe at his expense, after I offered to pay the shipping.  That speaks for his genuine regard for his fans!

One of Four Images of Niki Lauda That Will Appear in My Book
'Echoes From The Glen'

AND NOW  -  My Picks for pics of the year from travels:

From Daytona to Sebring to Watkins Glen and even a drag race at Bradenton Speedway,  was there filming.

                                        From Nitro Jam- Bradenton International Speedway

Can This Young Girl Be The Pilot?

Of This Jet Dragster?   - You Bet!

And From The Sports Car Racing World- IMSA/ Tudor United Sports Car Championship


Sunrise At Daytona

The Conductor And His Orchestra

 Morning Rush Hour

From 5 MPH To 200 MPH 
Twelve Hours of Sebring

Porsche Drivers
Let's go Racing

  Go Racing With 'Jake'
And Corvette Racing

A Ferrari in the Living Room

Dawn on Race Day
Sebring, FL
Not All Ferraris Are Red
Action Express Corvette- A Beautiful Thing
On To Watkins Glen, Six hours of The Glen:
Opening Ceremony With US Army
Watkins Glen, NY
Patrick Long- Porsche Factory Team Driver
Ferrari Coming At You
Visit Florida Corvette Loves NY- It Won!
The Winning Dodge Viper- Mean Looking
From Various Car Shows
du Pont Registry Cars & Coffee
A Rare Ford GTX
St Petersburg Yacht Club Vintage Motor Classic
There Are Jaguars and Then There Are Jaguars
St. Armands Circle, Sarasota FL
Ferraris on the Circle
Unusual Yellow Ferrari
Van Bortel Chevrolet Car Show
Macedon. NY
Unusual Yellow Rod
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
That's All Folks


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Changing Gear (s) - Time To Give Thanks To Sony

Happy Thanksgiving to all that read my blog.  Hope you had time to slow down and enjoy family and friends today.

Since 1/3 of my company name is 'Camera' now is the perfect time to talk tech about camera equipment. I know many of you will want to read this- the camera that is like a best kept secret. The techy part is all described in the video below.

The title above ' Changing Gear'  refers to  a new camera I'll be using to fill these pages with even better pictures in the future. This week I picked up one of Sony's new Alpha line of cameras - the  A6000. I almost dismissed looking at it because it looks like a toy point and shoot camera.  No way that little fella can match my Cannon equipment.

But, as I started reading the reviews I became interested and decided to take a closer look.  Then I discovered a really good local, privately owned camera store, Lake Shore Camera Exchange in Palm Harbor, Fl.  I called them to see if they carried the A6000 and was lucky to find Tom there who had one. After going to the store, listening to Tom and seeing some of his work done by the camera with just the kit lens, I was hooked. 

I took my first pictures today and am very pleased with it and I'm starting with only the plain vanilla kit lens.  ( I have a telephoto 18-200 on order) I am just beginning to learn what this thing can do, so the attached shots are simple auto mode pics.  All I can say is I am blown away by the technology packed into this for the price.   I am not a pro and do this as a hobby, but  you should see what a pro has to say about the A6000 in the link below.  I can't wait to use it at the Rolex 24 Hours Of Daytona/ IMSA Tudor Challenge race in January!

Unleashing the power of Sony's A6000

And here are a few of my first pictures - never used one before. After 10 minutes with the camera, here's what I got:

This Photo Of The Gear NOT Taken By The A6000

Now - What It Can Do:


This Last Shot- Remarkable in that it was taken at dawn,  6:45 in the morning and no flash.

Happy Thanksgiving- Thank You Sony

Friday, November 21, 2014

du Pont Registry Cars & Coffee - Sculptured Beauty and Ho Ho Ho Time

Cars are art- I even overheard some of the patrons last Saturday mention that as they gazed at a beautiful red Ferrari 458.  Cars and art go hand in hand and over the years there have been many prime examples of this premise.   From Ferrari to McLaren to Porsche and even Detroit, this post has a wide variety and interpretations of automotive art. Here are a few shots showing off the work of dedicated designers who have spent a lot of effort creating their three dimensional Picasso, or is it a Dali?

( Visitors to St Petersburg, Florida this winter should check out the incredible, first of it's kind Dali Museum show)   Click below to view:

Dali/ Picasso

But I digress,  Here's the art show I photographed November 15th at the monthly du Pont Registry Cars & Coffee.

Swooping Red Lines- Ferrari Tradition

Aggressive Stance- The Viper Strikes Orange

Classic  Porsche Lines Extended

A Space Ship?

World's Most Beautiful Mirrors

And A Car To Go With Them

Detroit Style Fins

Detroit Santa Sleigh- Ho Ho Ho!

Old British Classic Design

Nuvo Detroit Muscle Design

 Detroit Muscle Design

As always- it is as much about the artistry of these cars as it is their  performance.
Enjoy The Art