Monday, September 21, 2015

Solid As A Rock Or A Porsche

Some things are just meant to be enjoyed,savored, treasured. Things that are permanent, timeless and enduring.   Hmmm,  Porsche?

I am still rebuilding my home from the 'flood of 2015',  and the water leak on June 29th  that ruined a good part of the summer for our family, but what the old adage `What doesn't kill you will make you stronger' applies.  Other than some favorite Porsche posters, my Boxster and all my camera gear remained unharmed.  (See previous post for details)

So how does solid as a rock fit in?  I was thinking about the material things in life that we appreciate and in the process of working on the home rehab, granite comes to mind.  Like the line in the movie The Graduate where the magic word is 'Plastics', it seems 48 years later the word 'Granite' is very special when it come to home remodeling. No, I'm not going into the granite business but everyone was saying you gotta have granite.  So we now have granite countertops.  And a similar line came from my buddy at work a few years ago when I told him I was thinking of buying a Porsche.  His response- you gotta have a Porsche.  So I now have my beloved Porsche.

I am not the only one crazy over Porsche.  The attached video tells it better than I,why people go crazy over Porsches.  Every bit of it applies and it is worth a look to see inside yourself to see what motivates you.  For my wife it is granite, for me I like granite but my rock is Porsche.

See Video On Appreciating A Porsche-  I have not seen a video on appreciating your granite:

Porsche GT3      Click For A moving Experience!

                     Porsche or Granite?

Its all Good!