Friday, December 11, 2020

Old Car Restoration - Then and Now

      My 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 At Realistic Auto Restorations in St. Petersburg, FL

 This post is a little off the beaten path for this site.  Most of my posts talk about the latest race, a road test report or some car show pics.  This time I have a fantastic video to share that I saw yesterday that will bring tears to your eyes if you are a true auto enthusiast.  If you are young or old it won't matter; if you have automobiles in your heart you will relate to the video 'Hirohata Merc Custom Legend'.

This video says more about the meaning of automobiles in our culture than I could ever convey through multiple posts about the subject. At 33 minutes it is worth your time to watch. Great viewing on a cold evening as it will warm your heart.

It is also a good time to put this out as I happen to be in the process of a restoration of my own.  Above is a picture of my 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV as it looked this week.  (More pictures below)  My little gem has been in the process of getting a complete refresh since September.  You can see several pictures of it in posts earlier this year.  When it is done, it will be stunning.

But back to the video-  this is a testament to American ingenuity, creativity and passion all rolled nto one. When you see the car, the Hirohata Merc, you can't help but be moved by its beauty.  It is the Mona Lisa of car creations!

So here you go- feast your eyes on it!

The Hirohata Merc

And after seeing the video, here's more pictures of my 'Mona Lisa'.

And here's a video of what it will be when finished- although the color will be 'Biancospino' as opposed to Alfa's Rosso or red.  A bit more subdued but just as fast!

Click on the link below to:

Let Her Fly

Watch for the finshed car coming soon.   Brought to you by Paul Ziegler,

Publisher of and author of "Echoes From The Glen", Reflections of Race Fans After Forty Years.