Sunday, November 27, 2022

Why Would you Buy Two?

We have two Hyundai Elantra N cars showing here. There is a dilema though. Which one to buy?

                                            This one has a wet dual clutch 8 Speed DCT
                                          And this one has a manual six speed stick.

So do you go with the automatic or do you opt for the old fasshioned, row your own gears? That's a problem because each is so good in its own way. I have been following YouTube for months trying to figure this out and my conclusion; if you have the means, get one of each.

The sun is setting on the age of ICE powered cars and here are two of the finest examples of that, short of a Porsche 911 or a BMW M3 of old. I predict that in 20 years we will look back upon these 'N' cars and say, dam I should have bought one, or two and stored them for car buffs of the future to admire. Sort of like we today wish we had bought a couple of Muscle cars from the 60's and hung on to them.

Why are these cars special?  It comes down to how they make you feel.  Just starting up an Elantra 'N' tells you immediately this is no ordinary sports sedan. The sound of the car just idling reminds me of my 1987 Buick T-Type ( As in Grand National Turbo)  That  V-6 Buick Turbo and this 4 Pot Rascal had the  same voice coach. Just idling the 'N' sounds muscular. Blip the throttle and she revs like the dickens and may even give you a few pops on cold start. The car vibrates with a feeling like it wants to take off, just like my old Buick.

God does the Elantra 'N' sound good. And that's before you put it in gear. Once you do, everything is as it should be.  The steering is precice and communicates what the front tires are doing, the electronic limited slip diff saves you too many times to count when cornering and the suspension is perfectly tuned by the best engineers in the business, lead by Albert Biremann- That Albert Biremann - who made BMW M cars ledgendary. 

I could prattle on all day but to demonstrate I have a video for you.  Feel free to fast foward through it or if you want to see all the things I'm trying to say, put it on full roll. Now this is the six speed version.

Driving The 6 Speed Manual Elantra 'N'

After seeing that you have a sense of what this car is all about and why you want one. The other choice, the 8 speed DCT is just as intoxicating

Here's another video of an Elantra 'N' with the DCT chasing a Mclaren and a Ferrari at Road Atlanta. The fact the car can keep up with them is a testament to how good this car is. Listen closely and you can hear the lightning fast shifts of the automatic.   And the best thing is, not many people know anything about this car!  I hope it stays under the radar so the price stays where it is- mid $30K.  Incredible value for the performance. Check this out:

Click on the link to see video.

So in conclusion my advice is go buy one of each and you will never regret it- if you like driving a performance car. And in the grand scheme of things it won't break the bank, with pick ups and EV's costing the same as buying two 'N's.

And if you want more convincing about howfar Hyundai has come with their N brand of cars, here's a bonus video for fun!

Hyundai Motorsports Is On A Roll!

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