Monday, February 25, 2019

Happy Birthday Niki Lauda

Moments Before The Start Of The US Grand Prix  October 10, 1976

One of motorsports greatest drivers turned 70 last week. He's the reason I wrote a book and he is a true hero that overcame impossible odds after a devastating accident in the German Grand Prix in 1976, and is still active on the F1 scene to this day.  For any young fan of F1, the story of Niki Lauda is something that must be studied as there has never been anything that compares to what this man went through to recover, and yet still perform at the highest level of his sport.  It can be said Lauda's will to win after his crash is unmatched in all of sports!

Here's an interview with the three time world champion that reveals what was in his mind when he left Ferrari for Brabham following some interesting decisions by Enzo Ferrari.  I know you will enjoy learning about this.  It is a must see from Motorsport Online!

Click Here For The Revealing Story!
Lauda Explains Why He Left Ferrari 

If you want to hear more of the story and see my photos of Niki Lauda back in his Ferrari on the starting grid at Watkins Glen taken 10 weeks after he was laying in a hospital bed near death, check out my book "Echoes From The Glen".  You will enjoy it.

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Friday, February 1, 2019

"Echoes From The Glen" Available Now

                                         1976 Formula 1 Grand Prix - Watkins Glen

For Immediate Release:  "Echoes From The Glen", Reflections Of Race Fans After Forty Years is now in the warehouse and available for purchase!

"Echoes From The Glen" is unlike any book on motor racing you may have read in that it is written by fans describing the fan experience of attending Formula 1 (and other) races in the '70's and 80's at one of the world's iconic race tracks, Watkins Glen. It will grab the attention and rekindle memories of those readers that were around 40+ years ago, and it will grab the attention of younger fans that want a look into the past and see a whole different world of attending races in those golden years of Formula 1. And you will love the several photos of the 1976 US Grand Prix, that cold October day when Niki Lauda and James Hunt put on a show for the fans as each was trying to clinch the World Championship. And you will laugh at the stories of "Bud Man" and The Pabst Blue Ribbon Gang.

So if you like drama, emotion, and history, on the part of the drivers and want to read about humor, hilarity and silliness on the part of the fans combined with wonderful archival photography on high quality paper, this book is for you and it will claim a permanent spot on your coffee table.

Here's a little sample:  "The whole town made you feel like you were very special and lucky to be included in this huge event...What came next was the highlight of the trip for me. I began to get an eerie feeling as if ascending to the top of Mt. Nemrut to see the throne of the gods when we turned right again and wound the engine up for another mile and a half when I saw the outline of the track. Looking again, instead of statutes of gods, I could make out cars on the track practicing for the race. Rolling the window down, I could begin to hear the roar of the engines - oh what sweet sounds. It was thrilling to be at the place where legends were made. We had arrived!"

Here's a couple of reviews by race car drivers:

"As a car enthusiast and racer, I have been lucky enough to race on this great track, a track with so much history. When I drive through the track gate and go through the tunnel I think about how many great racers from the past have driven through there! Paul's book gives insight into how uncomplicated racing and race fans were back then. My friends and I enjoyed the same experiences at Daytona and Sebring at the same time era and I can relate! And yes, the bog is a much more civilized place now. Thank you Paul for a great book! DON ONDREJCAK , Six time (HSR) Historic Sports Car Racing Champion

"What an enjoyable read! Although I was still in the UK during F1 years at the Glen, your reminiscences remind me very much of mine going to Silverstone and Brands Hatch to watch the same magnificent cars. I like the perspective of the book, as it ably captures the period atmosphere and sky high enthusiasm that you and very many others had for the sport. I recall very well that tingle of excitement when hearing a flat 12 Alfa, V12 Ferrari, V12 BRM or V8 Cosworth not to mention my personal favorite, the V12 Matra as you entered the racetrack grounds. "   DAVID PORTER, 1987 National British Champion and career 10 time championship winner 

"Echoes From The Glen", Reflections of Race Fans After Forty Years is now available. You can order by calling 727-744-4830 or email to request a copy. I'm setting up a link on this blog that will be available soon that you can click and place your order as well.
The selling price through this website is $34.99 plus shipping and any applicable sales tax. Typical shipping cost for one book in the US is $3.27.  A 10% discount is applied for orders of 2 or more books.

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