Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Passing The Torch

This is a brief post to announce the passing of the torch from my 2000 Boxster to my newly acquired 2014 Cayman. The day after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton I bought a 2014 Cayman from local dealer, Bert Smith Porsche of St. Petersburg. I am betting on a good economic future with the outcome of the election.

The victory of owning a flawless, newer Cayman was bittersweet as my old Boxster still had the feel of a new car and was one of my favorite cars to drive. It will be missed but I am looking forward to many miles of enjoyment in the Cayman.

My Old Friend

My New Friend

Black Beauty

    More on this new car in future posts.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone and look for my coverage of Pistons & Props from Sebring FL. December 2nd - 4th.