Thursday, November 9, 2017

Italian Art Comes to The United States

Italy came to the US and brought us fabulous visual creations from Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini  and an occasional very special Fiat. Art born in metal. Creating automobiles as works of art is what the Italians do and I have a few pictures taken today to illustrate what I mean.  Hang on and I'll explain more.

There's a group of us car guys (and gals are invited too) that meet every two weeks for lunch known as 'Tampa Bay Café Racers'. It is a loose knit gang of Alfistis, Porsche-a-philes, BMW lovers, Ferrari pilotas and an array of folks that love their cars as much as their kids. We even have some honest to goodness race car drivers in our ranks.  We are in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and our current restaurant of choice for lunch is Cafe' Pont in Pinellas County. Anyway, today we sat outside enjoying a casual lunch surrounded by our prized collection of cars that gives the patrons entering the restaurant the sense there's a car show going on.  But then the regular patrons realize- it's those car guys again!

To get back to the point of the story, our group leader, Frank mentions near the end of  lunch there's a car shop in the area we need to visit. Our group is welcome to stop by thanks to Frank paving the way. It is a special place with special cars - so of course we are all in to check it out.  I'll leave the shop unnamed for this post and I am careful not to draw attention to a business like this one out of respect for the business and their clients, who own some really nice toys.  Serious toys.

So here's a thumbnail view of today, crowned by a photo I took in front of Seminole city hall by the annual 'Field of Honor'  that reminds us to honor our veterans as we approach Veterans Day on November 11th.  We live in a free society and have the luxury of enjoying cars from Italy today because of our veterans.

  I've also included a video of the new Cassino production plant to give one example of how  Alfa Romeo Italian art is made.

Click Link Below

Cassino Plant Italy- Where The Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Are Made

Café Racers Gather For Lunch:

They Bring Their ' Children'

Here's One Of  Our Favorites

With Owner Delmas Greene, Liaison AROC/FCA
(Alfa Romeo Owners Club/ Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) 

Very Sweet

And here's one of the big kids:

Ferrari Red

Now That's An Engine

Time For Lunch


                                                       Nice Cars Waiting For Service

Ferrari -Famous For 12 Cylinder Magic

Look Again- This is a Fiat

A Fiat With a Ferrari Bloodline.

A Fiat Dino

A Testarossa Getting Service

The Seat Cover Says It All

Artwork Again!

Instructions For Menchanics

That will give you a taste for the work being done at this particular shop. Here in Pinellas County, FL there are other automotive specialty shops attracted here by a good supply of affluent clients.

 And to end this post, here is my Alfa Romeo Giulia pictured next to the field of honor in front of
Seminole City Hall

Remember Our Veterans!

Next Up- I'll be at Sebring  this month for Sebring Historics and the Classic 12 Hour races.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Vintage Car Races- Watkins Glen

In September I attended the SVRA U.S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, NY and this post is a photo gallery of the event. If any of you would like copies, email me at  I'll soon be offering the photos for sale on as well.  You can visit my Smugmug site by clicking the link to the right labeled Photo Gallery.

I hope these photos bring back some memories. You can see, there was a huge variety of cars racing in various classes all weekend.  Something for everyone!

             Beautiful Setting For A Race- Watkins Glen International- A Truly Historic Race Track

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Madness Autoworks Performance Exhaust For Giulia

I absolutely love my new Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti and now I love it even more with the new performance exhaust I installed with Franco from Franco's Imported Cars yesterday.   The video with sound is at the end of this post.

This system is offered by Madness Autoworks located in Austin Texas. ( And for those of you on the left coast, they have a California location)  The system is offered in two levels, a Monza version which is the more aggressive sound and then the Lusso version which is what I purchased. So here's my Giulia up on the lift at Franco's Imported Cars in Largo, FL showing the Y pipe at the rear.

Alfa Owners Club friend, Delmas Greene inspecting the work.
Note Y pipe and large chrome tips that fit the diffuser perfectly.

Another view of complete system and Y pipe design

There's also a few other shots as the project was being completed

Here's the system as shipped.

Getting ready to put it on the lift, note Alfa Romeo banner.

Stock system.

Huge muffler on stock system.

Franco making final adjustments. 

This system gives the car a new character and personality without screaming 'hey look at me'. It has a nice, sports car sound and under aggressive acceleration (especially in Dynamic mode) the car comes alive. When just cruising around city streets it has a nice balance of throaty tone yet is very subdued. In one day of driving it has also turned a few heads, for example, I took my Giulia down to the local Shell station to fill up and when I started it up to leave a guy getting in a big four wheel drive Chevy pick up stopped and watched me pull away- almost as if to say is that the new Quadrifoglio?  I got the impression of a silent thumbs up, only he didn't know what to make of the Giulia. Like wow, what is that!

So if you want a quality built great sounding exhaust, check out Madness Autoworks.  And they offer many other performance parts and pieces to customize your ride.They were super to work with and really know their Alfa's.

SO- How does it SOUND?   Here's the video:

Click Link To Hear System

Click This Link To Hear Stock System

And here's an added bonus video of the Quadrifoglio version of the Giulia. Turn up the volume!

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Sound Clip- The Ultimate Sound

Hope you liked the post and for you new Giulia owners, and thank you Madness Autoworks.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Funniest Car Review Ever- Alfa Romeo Giulia

I'm taking a break from race coverage for a funny and refreshing review I found on the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.  I am always checking the web for new Alfa videos and here's one that takes the award for the funniest.

On a related topic, here's a couple of photos I took of my Giulia tonight as Millennium Park in Seminole, a great spot for a photo shoot.  While there taking pictures a young fellow named Zach came over and asked what kind of car it was.  I told him and he commented on how great the car looked.  This is another example of how the Giulia gets a lot attention wherever I go.

I am amped up about having ordered a performance exhaust from Madness Autoworks today for my Giulia and I can't wait to do a review on it for you.  Click below for a video on this system. Madneess Autoworks seems to have done their homework and come up with an excellent sounding exhaust for this car. I picked the Lusso version and it should make my Giulia sound the way a proper Italian sports car should sound.

First the pictures from today followed by the funniest car review you will ever see, followed by Madness Autoworks Performance exhaust system video.

Scroll down for the videos below.

A couple of pictures in changing light as the sun was going down.

The Funniest Car Review- Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

AND:     Performance Exhaust by Madness Autoworks

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Gallery of Photos From Watkins Glen- Indycars and Indy Lights

Here's a few more from Watkins Glen, Labor Day Weekend:

First - this is how to negotiate turn #9 in the rain by Indy Lights driver, Ryan Norman.

Ease off at the crest of the hill,

Then get ready to feather the throttle

And finally apply the gas carefully at the exit!

You won't have to go over any ramps like these trucks.

Crowd pleasers- Robby Gordon Super Trucks

They put on a show in the rain soaked track.

And here's a gallery of Indycars:

                                   Graham Rahal- Rahal, Letterman, Lanigan Racing

                                           Charlie Kimball - Chip Ganassi Racing

Ryan Hunter-Reay  Andretti Autosport

Helio Castroneves    Team Penske

Simon Pagenaud   Team Penske

Newgarden leading the way.

Scott Dixon leading Marco Andretti down into the boot.

Will Power leading Pagenaud, Kanaan,Munoz and Bourdais

And the winner- Alex Rossi    Andretti- Herta Autosport with Curb Agajanian

So long for now- next post will be the Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen

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