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Sunshine Baby's First Showing- St. Petersburg Motor Classic


It was a perfect day for the St. Petersburg Motor Classic in beautiful Straub Park next to the yacht club downtown St. Petersburg, FL.  Ray Gassner's Sunshine Baby IV raced here in the 1960's and after several years, she has returned to her home port. Ray was a member of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club so it is fitting she's back home.  This is her first big event on her journey to being on display at various shows and a running exhibition at select boating events.

Here are some pictures from the show along with a few pictures taken off site.

                             Jim Aid, 2.5 liter Mod champ and captain of the Sunshine Baby project.

                                   Tom D"Eath, one of the few to have raced the Sunshine Baby

          Memorabilia from past races including race suits, blown pistons and even a propeller.

Fans were taking a lot of pictures!

                                1,200 Horsepower from a Chrysler 392 Hemi and Potvin Blower

       Talking about the 'old days' of hydroplane racing.  Brent McLean of original pit crew on right.

                                             Tom D'Eath's race helmet from the '70's

                                                  Some of the history of the Sunshine Baby

                                               Important facts about the Sunshine Baby

                                       Best Presentation Award-Not bad for her first show.

         Watch this site for more information about the Sunshine Baby as we get her ready to run again. 

             Publisher  Paul Ziegler, Author "Echoes From The Glen"
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