Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visit Florida VS I Love NY

After returning from  the 6 Hours of the Glen race I was looking through my pictures and spotted a curious play on marketing campaigns from two big states captured in one image.  The winning Prototype ''  Corvette and the decades old slogan ' I love NY'.  I thought - now that's a great shot and I have shared that with some of my Pinellas Park, FL  Chamber of Commerce fellow board members as a fun play on the dueling states.  I tell the true story- I loved NY but after visiting Florida, I moved here'!    I'm not going back any time soon.  Something to do with taxes and weather.

   So when I opened the Tampa Bay Times newspaper yesterday and saw the attached I laughed - Florida's CFO and New York's Governor going at it over what state has the most friendly business climate.  Who wins?     I vote for Florida, but now that I live here I have a million dollar idea-  I propose New York sponsors a Prototype Corvette and enter the IMSA/ Tudor United Sports Car series and race the Spirit of Daytona race team's very quick Visit car for real bragging rights!  We can have some fun with this political argument.   What state would you vote for?

To see full story click on:

Florida or New York For Best Business Climate - I Mean Fastest Prototype Car


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