Sunday, January 18, 2015

Zed 4 Getting Ready To Roar and other BMW Pics

I have not paid tribute to BMW's in my post very often- I am a huge fan of the old  BMW2002 (I owned  a 1970 version) and the engineering is fine but I fell in love with all things Porsche after selling my BMW and never looked back, so it is with some apologizes that I bring you this post, Bimmer fans.

I will give BMW credit - they have one tough, scrappy racer in the Turner Motorsport Z4 shown in the attached video.  I can't wait to photograph this car at Daytona in a few days.  And it sounds as good as it looks!  Turn up the volume!  Click on the link below- think racing!


Turner Motorsport

Chasing A Ferrari

Here's A Fine Example For The Street:

Compliments of du Pont Registry's Cars & Coffee January 17th:


See you BMW fans at Daytona this weekend.  

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