Monday, June 1, 2015

LeMans! Hello Audi: Porsche Returns Again

Audi welcomed Porsche back to LeMans one year ago this week with a classy  "Welcome Back Porsche" commercial.  For the returning former victors, 2014 was a tough re-entry into a fiercely competitive and punishing race.

In a similarly classy move, Porsche responded with a video of its own.  Watch these two giants of the racing world duke it out on the race track and watch the videos that will be talked about for quite a while. 

Oh - and here's the car that has created all the stir; the Porsche 919 recently on display for only the second time in the United States at the St. Petersburg, Florida Festival of speed, March 2015.

Welcome Back Porsche

Porsche's Reply To Audi

                                                     GET READY TO RUMBLE

Watch LeMans June 13-14

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