Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Daytona Rising - Thrilling First Event

For the fans of any kind of auto racing, IMSA's 2016 Rolex 24 Hour race at Daytona was a huge win for the world's first and only 'Motor Sports Stadium'.  This event showcased the culmination of the Daytona Rising project, which was a $400 Million dollar improvement project for one of the best known race tracks in the world. Attending the event was something memorable and as enjoyable as camping out for three days in the infield can be. And, it was great to have a thrilling finish to add icing on the cake to this first race at the world's first motor sports stadium.

As a fan, the upgrades are excellent including  better seating comfort, conveniences (like hundreds of phone charging stations), clean spacious bathrooms and an almost Disney like look as you approach the three large 'Fan Injectors' aka entrances to the stadium.  When you go up the escalators to your chosen seats, you realize this place is gigantic. Then as you walk to the edge of the veranda near the seating area, a breathtaking view awaits.  There's no bad view in the place. If you like heights, venture to the top of the world in the highest seats and see the entire track from one spot- and with binoculars see the beaches of Daytona.

Even if you are not a race fan, this place is worth visiting as one of the wonders of the world- almost on par with the Pyramids in terms of something special that man has created.  But I digress.  A race did take place the last weekend of January 2016, a very special event for the sports car world. The 54th running of the 24 Hours At Daytona.

I have so much photo material and stories to share, my next few blog posts will be a mini series on the race weekend.  The stars included the cars, the drivers and the new 'Stadium' and I'll cover it all in pictures and text.   This is the first in that series - just call it the Intro Overview.  I am including a great link with a video embedded showing  Team Corvette battling for the closest finish in this race ever.  My photo montage highlights the three elements - Cars, Drivers and The Stadium.

First- Check out this link with the video of the exciting finish:

Most Exciting Finish

And here's a summary of the race from IMSA:

IMSA Article

And here's some information about the 'Stadium':

The World's First Motorsports Stadium

Pop The Champagne Let The Race Begin
These Guys Made History - See Video Above
Having Fun At The Autograph Session

World Center of Racing

Here's The Champagne

And The Race Has Begun
This Is A Race Track?

Daytona At Dawn- Daytona Rising!
Stay Tuned For Blog #2 This Weekend

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