Monday, November 20, 2017

Horsepower Day At Cars and Coffee

Saturday November 18th at du Pont Registry's Cars & Coffee in St. Petersburg , FL will set the bar for horsepower hungry car freaks. Billed as the only time these four vehicles would be together at the same time, Specialty Vehicle Engineering brought four Yenko Supercharged beasts with them.

Ever want a stable of 3,450 horses?  Imagine feeding them?   Well these Yenko SC animals drink high octane petrol for breakfast and here's what you could have rumbling on your ranch if you talk to the boys at Specialty Vehicle Engineering:         Pick one or more!

1)   Yellow Corvette                                   825 HP
2)   Red Camaro                                          825 HP
3)   Black Short Bed Silverado                   800 HP
4)   White Camaro   (A real Beast)           1,000 HP

Here's a few pictures of this awesome collection:

                                                                Four Vehicles 3,450 Horses

1,000 HP Camaro, 825 HP Corvette

This Is What 1,000 HP Looks Like.

Yenko Super Charged

Mean Looking Camaro

Not Your Average Corvette

The Badge Says It All

See you in a couple of weeks after I photograph the Sebring Classic 12 Hour Races

Paul Ziegler, Publisher

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