Sunday, August 5, 2018

Alaska Ramblings

I've just returned from two weeks worth of 'ramblings' into the wilderness'.  No not really, but I've spent two weeks way away from my Florida home on a trip to Alaska and there were a few nice vehicles where I went but the most impressive things I saw were on four legs, not four wheels!

So this post will deviate from cars - to all things that move from cars to trains, planes and yes, animals. Bear ( Pardon the pun) with me while I show you some incredible pictures of all the above.

This photo collage will give you a taste of what it is like in one of the last frontiers left on earth. Some of the land there has yet to have a human walk on it.

                                                     Our Cruise Ship the Norwegian Jewel

Let's Take A Look

We Can Ride In A Mustang From Vancouver

Or Take a Plane

But Here's An Eagles View of My Alaska Trip

Land of BIG- That's Our 'Little' Cruise Ship Three Miles Away

Land of Contrasts

Land of Eagles

Land of Caribou

Herds of Caribou


And Relaxing

Land of The Moose-  Momma and Babies

And Papa Moose- Huge!

And Running Moose

And Land of The Grizzly Bear

Always Eating- Something!

And Land of Bears Everywhere

And Land of Sled Dogs

And Land of Salmon


Always Changing

You Can Even See By Rail

Like A Painting

And Stunning by Twilight

That's it for now- I have other photos- too numerous for one post- so I'll have more later.
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Car fans- don't worry. there will be plenty of car pictures coming your way soon.

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