Friday, August 16, 2019

Alfa Romeo NRING - What Is It?

This is a test.  What is an NRING?  Why does this license plate that say NRING?  It must belong to a car of some kind.  The word is NRING's are arriving on our shores. The announcement came at the recent New York Auto Show and caught many an Alfisti off guard.

It turns out that it's the Nürburgring Edition of  Alfa Romeo's Quadrifoglio, celebrating Alfa's achievement of producing the fastest 4 door sedan and the fastest SUV to lap the Nürburgring circuit.  There are only a total of 110 NRING cars for all of the US market. Just 55 Giulias and 55 Stelvios in all!

 For a car that is bad ass, the NRING is then the king of badassnes, at least the way it looks.  In Circuito Grey matte paint, the car is stunning. You will see more on this blog next month, I promise, but for now here's a sample of what's coming according to a good source.  Read on below:

Reports from my source said an NRING Quad landed at the Port of San Diego on Monday, with its final destination at an East Coast dealer. The plan is to have my source video the delivery as the car comes off the transporter so I can share it with you; and if I can, I'll get my own still photos of the car and a test drive report for this blog. But for now here's some Alfa Romeo USA photos to give you an idea of what it looks like. I've also included a short video for you as well.

Ultra Rare NRING Quadrifoglios

And for a sneak preview by video:

NRING's Are Coming To The USA

I knew since April we would see these cars in the USA so I got excited last Sunday as I was driving by ST. Petersburg Maserati-Alfa Romeo when I saw a silver grey Alfa.  After getting out of my car and walking up to it, I knew right away it wasn't one.  But I'll post my picture of the car below- very nice, but not the one.  I can't wait to show you the real NRING.    Coming soon!

I'm heading up to Watkins Glen International for the US Vintage Grand Prix for some great action shots for you. Watch for those photos as well.  Be back to you all soon!

Giuli Ti Sport at ST. Petersburg Maserati - Alfa Romeo

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