Monday, April 20, 2020

Back In Business With A GTV

Looking Back in Time To 1972

Alfa Romeo means many things to many people, but here's a new twist.  If it wasn't for a 1972 GTV I recently acquired, I think I would be going crazy with this 'Safer At Home" order issued to combat the spread of the Corona Virus.

Like the last car over the bridge before it closed, my GTV made it to Florida from Upstate New York on March 25th on an enclosed transporter..  Since that day I've been working on her hour upon hour.  Everything from buffing and waxing to degreasing the engine compartment to buffing screws and fasteners.

As every day passes I find more to do with her. Getting deeper and deeper into the restoration/ refurbishing aspect of the car. And that's only the beginning.  As soon as things get opened up again, I will have her in the shop to replace most of the suspension components and the body shop to get her rocker panels replaced.  Overall though she's a pretty sight as is.  Best of all she runs really well. I think better than my 1989 Spider.

For a 48 year old car with only 62,000 miles, I have a real gem here.  I will put up a few pictures to document her progress, including new wheels and Michelin tires all kept to stock specs.

Sit in the drivers seat, touch the wood steering wheel, look at the analog gages and toggle switches and turn on the radio with 8 Track tape player and all your worries evaporate. You are transformed back to 1972, the Beatles and Rolling Stones, or maybe the Who or Cream.  Whatever you dream, you are THERE.  This Alfa takes you away on a Magic Carpet Ride!    Corona Virus?  What's THAT?

Enjoy the pics:

                                                    The New Girl Arrives

Safer At Home

Good Care, Good Food , Good Looks
The Work Begins

New Tires And
Fresh Paint For The Wheels


Check Back For More Progress

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