Sunday, July 26, 2020

Giulia GTV Compared To The Giulia Quadrifoglio- Who Wins? Must See Video

This is a long overdue review of two of Alfa Romeo's favorite cars.  It is likely to be a hotly debated subject as there are hundreds of fans for each and it is a difficult choice.

Who would you chose? The classic white beauty or the macho grey beast?

                                                                   PRESENT AND PAST

                 NEW LOOK - 2019 NRING

                                                                                                                                                                  OLD LOOK  -  1972 Giulia GTV

Now that you have had a look at the two contenders,  I have an excellent video for you that goes into
detail about each.  Watch the video and then decide- which would you chose?

I am extremely lucky to have one of each and I honestly can't pick a favorite.  It would like picking your favorite child if you had two kids.  There's things I like about each that the other can't do, or match.  Is it classic charm and ambiance you want?  Is it sheer brute force and speed?  Is it uniqueness and artistic beauty.  Is it the sound and aural sensation the car gives you? 

I say it is a little bit of all of that and that is why is is impossible to pick a winner.  So my advice is get one of each and you will always be satisfied, no matter which one you are driving.

Here's the video I promised-  20 minutes of pure joy.  I know you will like it!

Giulia GTV VS Giulia Quadrifoglio

Send me a comment on your favorite.

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