Thursday, November 27, 2014

Changing Gear (s) - Time To Give Thanks To Sony

Happy Thanksgiving to all that read my blog.  Hope you had time to slow down and enjoy family and friends today.

Since 1/3 of my company name is 'Camera' now is the perfect time to talk tech about camera equipment. I know many of you will want to read this- the camera that is like a best kept secret. The techy part is all described in the video below.

The title above ' Changing Gear'  refers to  a new camera I'll be using to fill these pages with even better pictures in the future. This week I picked up one of Sony's new Alpha line of cameras - the  A6000. I almost dismissed looking at it because it looks like a toy point and shoot camera.  No way that little fella can match my Cannon equipment.

But, as I started reading the reviews I became interested and decided to take a closer look.  Then I discovered a really good local, privately owned camera store, Lake Shore Camera Exchange in Palm Harbor, Fl.  I called them to see if they carried the A6000 and was lucky to find Tom there who had one. After going to the store, listening to Tom and seeing some of his work done by the camera with just the kit lens, I was hooked. 

I took my first pictures today and am very pleased with it and I'm starting with only the plain vanilla kit lens.  ( I have a telephoto 18-200 on order) I am just beginning to learn what this thing can do, so the attached shots are simple auto mode pics.  All I can say is I am blown away by the technology packed into this for the price.   I am not a pro and do this as a hobby, but  you should see what a pro has to say about the A6000 in the link below.  I can't wait to use it at the Rolex 24 Hours Of Daytona/ IMSA Tudor Challenge race in January!

Unleashing the power of Sony's A6000

And here are a few of my first pictures - never used one before. After 10 minutes with the camera, here's what I got:

This Photo Of The Gear NOT Taken By The A6000

Now - What It Can Do:


This Last Shot- Remarkable in that it was taken at dawn,  6:45 in the morning and no flash.

Happy Thanksgiving- Thank You Sony

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