Friday, November 21, 2014

du Pont Registry Cars & Coffee - Sculptured Beauty and Ho Ho Ho Time

Cars are art- I even overheard some of the patrons last Saturday mention that as they gazed at a beautiful red Ferrari 458.  Cars and art go hand in hand and over the years there have been many prime examples of this premise.   From Ferrari to McLaren to Porsche and even Detroit, this post has a wide variety and interpretations of automotive art. Here are a few shots showing off the work of dedicated designers who have spent a lot of effort creating their three dimensional Picasso, or is it a Dali?

( Visitors to St Petersburg, Florida this winter should check out the incredible, first of it's kind Dali Museum show)   Click below to view:

Dali/ Picasso

But I digress,  Here's the art show I photographed November 15th at the monthly du Pont Registry Cars & Coffee.

Swooping Red Lines- Ferrari Tradition

Aggressive Stance- The Viper Strikes Orange

Classic  Porsche Lines Extended

A Space Ship?

World's Most Beautiful Mirrors

And A Car To Go With Them

Detroit Style Fins

Detroit Santa Sleigh- Ho Ho Ho!

Old British Classic Design

Nuvo Detroit Muscle Design

 Detroit Muscle Design

As always- it is as much about the artistry of these cars as it is their  performance.
Enjoy The Art

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