Saturday, May 17, 2014

Why Men Race - Touching The Inner Soul of A Man Formula 1 Post Series

With the 24 Hours of Le Mans just a few weeks away, a quote from Steve McQueen came to mind today.  "Racing is life - anything before or after is just waiting". For many of you out there you will immediately recognize that quote from the movie LeMans.  For those of you that didn't recognize it, you may want to buy the movie for that one line alone, because it explains the entire movie in the simplest sentence.  The title of this post is a common question, and I say 'Touching The Inner Soul of a Man'  with emphasis on 'a man' because face it guys, we often want to feed our egos with our cars. A man's natural tendency is to be the fastest and the best when driving a car.  This is the motive behind racing, or when we just take a drive in our machines.  For some of us we marvel at fine engineering that works better than the other guys creation while for others we are trying to impress the opposite sex, and still others, we are trying to outdo ourselves with better and better lap times.  Enough deep thinking,  here's an excellent video that is part of my Formula 1 post series this month that demonstrates all  I just wrote extremely well. Take a look at the great drivers over many decades of time in this video and you will see a pattern. Summed up, racing is spiritual, racing is getting inside one's inner psyche and racing comes right out of who we are.   Enjoy this six minute video that will take you to another world...

Carols Pace walking back to the pits after crashing-  1976 US Grand Prix ,Watkins Glen, NY

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See Why Men Race- check out

Some pictures from C&C Today

Some of my favorite Porsches and a Mercedes for good measure!


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