Saturday, May 3, 2014

Formula 1 Post Series

This is the first of a few F-1 posts coming to CarCameraStory.  I always wanted to drive a F-1 car and the closest I got was to see them race was at Watkins Glen, NY in the 1970's.  In  the future I will be sharing some of the pictures I took back then, but for now here's a picture of a Ferrari 2000 driven by Michael Schumacher and a 2000 Jaguar R1.  The Ferrari 2000 was very successful and the Jaguar R-1 not so much.  Michael Schumacher drove to his 3rd World Driver's Championship in the Ferrari  2000 and the 2000 Jaguar R1 was driven by Johnny Herbert; his last season in Formula 1.   This is just an appetizer for future F-1 related posts.

The cars in this photo are what wished I could drive, but can look on my bookshelf and imagine....

2000 Was A Good Year For Ferrari and Michael Schumacher

Look for more F-1 Posts Soon

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