Saturday, August 9, 2014

#Michael Schumacher And Ayrton Senna Tributes

Michael's 2000 Ferrari


Racing fans from around the world are united in support for Michael Schumacher's recovery and Mercedes is continuing its affiliation with Michael as an ambassador.  This is a great gesture and a class act.  Formula 1 fans consider him one of them- one of the family. Few sports have produced such world wide personalities that are not only loved and recognized in their country, but around the world.

Ayrton Senna is the other driver that immediately comes to mind when thinking about Michael.  It is sad that each driver came to a sudden end as a result of completely different types of accidents. The difference is that Michael is still alive and there is hope.  It is ironic that Michael looked up to Ayrton as his hero when he was young. In striving to be like Ayrton, Michael surpassed him in his achievements.  Both are considered the best there ever was.

First, a link to the news article this week about Michael's connection with Team Mercedes followed by video tributes that use the same music 'Just Drive' and honor these two giants of the racing world. I hope you enjoy them; they may inspire you to be the best at whatever you do.

Mercedes Benz Retains Ambassadorship

Worth The Time To Watch Each- You Will Feel Motivated!

Best Driver In The World?

Ayrton Senna- The Best? Just Drive

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