Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photo Tour of Slick's Garage

Many of you will be watching the Discovery Channel series called 'Highway To Sell' based on Slick's Garage in Palmetto, FL but you  can't appreciate the work done on the cars in the show unless you take a tour, and I mean a real visual tour. Yes the show will probably have some nice footage of the goings on there but sometime you need to slow down the camera and see what a car guy eye for auto art can see. Slicks Garage is a mini Louvre of the car world and here's some shots I took today to prove that.  Slick was kind enough to let me roam the place and search for the art that is there. Thanks Slick!  

                        If you want more information about Slick's Garage, here's the link to his website:

And now for the photo tour:

Copper Patina

Cadillac Nose Job

Buick Nose Job

Taillights To Nowhere

Classic Rod

Rods In The Rafters
Yikes- Cars On The Ceiling

Now We Are Talking Artwork

Is This A Bad Boy?

Or Is This?

Don't Let The Mail Burn

Patient Waiting For Slick & Crew

Wait For The Next Masterpiece To Exit Here

The End of The Tour

Be sure to watch Highway To Sell on Monday Nights at 10:00!

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