Saturday, April 4, 2015

Incredible- Vettel Wins For Ferrari

While sitting in the stands at the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg last Sunday the fans around me were talking about attending other races including the US Grand Prix in Austin. Two of them had been there and described it as something on another level when it come to attending a race. Indycars are nice but F1 is a whole different ballgame.

So this edition of CarCameraStory will touch on F1 and in doing so, give you a look at some more pictures from the St. Pete Grand Prix that loosely tie into the excitement of F1. 

In the middle of the feature Indycar race and while the roar dies down for a yellow flag, the guy behind me says ' Hey Vettel won'   The guy in front of me says unreal!  that is huge!    Another guy says wow,  he beat the Mercedes.  So here we have Indycar fans in the middle of a great race turning their attention briefly to F1.   And they all know their F1 too- very cool because you would think  F1 only matters outside the US.   But to many more than I would have guessed - the story of Vettel driving for Ferrari and then winning in his second outing got attention.   The green flag flew and back to the attention on Will Power and Juan Pablo Montoya battling it out in front of us for what was  an excellent show.  OH- Juan Pablo won!

Before I give you a link to a video of  Vettel trying on a Ferrari for size early in the testing season here's some shots of junior formula racing- the breeding ground for Indycar and possibly F1 drivers of the future.

Here's a picture that gives tribute to the cameraman taking a picture of one of those future stars.  The picture's title is that- 'The Cameraman'  He was doing his work capturing the images you will see in the paper and in the magazines. And it was fun to see these rising stars compete.

The Cameraman
And Here's Two Rising Stars:
Garett Grist - Juncos Racing
Mazda Pro Series

Team Pelfrey
Mazda Pro Series
And Now-  A video of the man Ferrari has its hopes on:
Ferrari's Rising Star, Sabastian Vettel:
And after his victory, Niki Lauda comments on the win:
Enjoy the video and the story.

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