Sunday, October 11, 2015

Classic Machines Built To Last Porsche and Electrolux

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So what does a vacuum cleaner have to do with Porsche cars?   A lot.  The premise of building something for a single purpose, making it simple and bulletproof in its engineering and then stick to that original receipt is what these two companies have in common.  It has served them well.

  It is funny that in our family, I have a Porsche and my wife has an Electrolux- in fact 5 of them.  I'm still trying to get my second Porsche but that would be a serious discussion with my lovely Electrolux fan.

So here's the latest addition to our Electrolux collection-  A model 2100.  All I could find regarding the age was on the attached chart - built somewhere between 1986 and 2006. Not precise but it is a rough guide. I have also included a picture of an old standby that we use weekly and then a rough, ready to be restored 'barn find'.   The other two models in the collection are in New York getting a work out at the house up there. One of them we believe is from the 50's and is what I call the sled because of the rails it rides on instead of wheels that make it look like a bullet sled.

These are serious machines- still functional after decades of use! I'd put them in a class with Porsche, or Rolex, or say Mount Blanc!

And for those that want a good primer on Porsche history and car values see the attached video- It is worth the 35 minutes of education!

Check out the model history of Electrolux- going back to 1924.

HOLD ON-  See below video for Porsche Fans
Porsche Model Line Up- Buy One Now

The newest addition - Model 2100

Old Faithful

Close Up - We use it every week.

Barn Find


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