Thursday, December 31, 2015

Farewell To 2015 Racers and Collectors Reflect

It's only a few hours and another year will be over. You had a good year but it is nice to look forward to an even better 2016, but before we pass on to the new and improved here's a really good review of the past year as well as the past in general from Hagerty insurance. 

This video has something for everyone, I guarantee it.  You may feel a bit emotional as you watch and the memories flood in from times gone by, or you may get excited about the prospect of a new project you are about to embark on in 2016.

Before you see the video- here's my big New Year's present to my two 'children'.-  My Boxster and the GTA finally get to sleep in the garage again after being out in the cold every night for two weeks while I unpacked after moving in to our newly remodeled house.   The Boxster is no longer giving up space for boxes!

Enjoy this end of year video and see how many of these cars or tricks you have owned!  Farewell to the legends in the video- we will miss you!

We have come a long way but the journey is never over!

                                          Happy New Year  from

Almost Done

Finally- The Beauty & The Beast In One Garage

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