Saturday, December 12, 2015

Year End Wrap Up - On A Lighter Note Hilarious!

It has been a tough year, the race teams are tired and it is time for the Holidays so I thought I'd send out something light to lighten up your spirits.  Here's just a few little clips that will give us all another look at the crazy world we are in and give you a few laughs before having to prepare for the next race.
(By the way, IMSA's Daytona Rolex 24 Hour is only a month away!)

My Chevy Truck Moving Our Furniture- Works For Me

To Start- Porsche fans, don't do this with your Porsche:

For Trap and Skeet Fans- this is really cool.  Click below

Targa Practice - I meant TARGET Practice


Next up is a little Formula 1 fun and since I'm short on F-1 photos except for my old black and whites check out my new T-Shirt design:

And I can't help but throw in a 6 wheeled Tyrrell to go along with the strange and wacky theme:

1976 F-1 Race At Watkins Glen, NY

                                                          Here's some F-1 Funniest Videos:


                                         That's All Folks-  Enjoy The Holidays and Merry Christmas

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