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CarCameraStory - The Year In Review

In 2016 CarCameraStory was busy attending some fantastic races for followers of this blog. Starting with the Weather Tech IMSA series I attended the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona in January and the 12 Hours of Sebring in March. In March my camera was also rolling for the St. Petersburg Grand Prix., followed in September at Watkins Glen with Indycars on Labor Day and rounded out with the Vintage Car Grand Prix the following weekend. I regret not being at the IMSA Six Hours of the Glen in June due to a scheduling conflict at work, but I plan on being there in June 2017.

My camera also traveled to the St. Petersburg du Pont Registry Cars& Coffee a number of times where I was able to bring you photos of some amazing and rare cars. (See the RWB Porsche and video link below for the latest Cars & Coffee highlight)  On occasion I also grabbed a photo or two of something different, including the International Motor Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen, NY.
The year was capped off  in December with photos taken at Pistons & Props-  historic vehicles racing at Sebring alongside the Sebring Airport.

So you can see I was on the road a lot and I logged many miles on my car and on my feet getting around all the places needed to bring you something meaningful.  I hope my work is appealing to you and that you come to the website often in 2017 to see what I have captured!   I view my work as going on a hunt for a wild animal- you never know if you will see what you are seeking, but when you do and you pull the trigger on the camera and capture the moment the way you expected it to look, you have achieved success for that day.  And then you do it all over again the next day or the next event, hoping that over a year, you have a collection of achievements that represent a solid body of work.

There was sadness this year as well with the passing of Brock Yates. His writing was some of the best and most interesting in the business.  I remember in the late '80's when he wrote a column for Car and Driver how I would eagerly flip to his column first as soon as I pulled the magazine from the mailbox.  He's the only author that got my attention in that way. 

So here's a pictorial review of the year as I saw it, including photos of many of this year's champions.  Don't forget to check out the excellent video on the mint green Porsche by RWB at December's du Pont Registry Cars & Coffee below.

Click Link Here for video of the building of this Porsche:
RWB Porsche

Savor the pictures- like a good wine.   Happy New Year and there's more in store for 2017.

Racing Review 2016:

Friday Night Daytona Rolex 24 Hour Race

Daytona At Night

Massive Scale- Daytona!

In The Pits At Daytona 24 Hour

Best Beaches- Best Racing St. Petersburg, FL

IMSA GTLM Champion - Pit Action at Daytona

Garage Monkey Sponsored Viper at Sebring

Weather Tech Series Sponsor's Car at Sebring

GTLM Champs- Sebring Fans Walk The Grid

I Want My Porsche!-  Seen at Sebring

Coming in Hot to Turn 10 at St Petersburg Grand Prix 

2016 Indycar Champion  #22 Simon Pagenaud at Watkins Glen

Rahal Racing at The Glen

Vintage Alfa At Watkins Glen

Corvettes at Watkins Glen- A Beautiful Sight

Banging Doors At Sebring's Pistons and Props

Firey Jaguar at Watkins Glen Vintage Races

BMW vs Porsche at Sebring

Props at Sebring

The Original Ford GTs at Sebring

The New Ford GT and Lemans Winner

And Finally the IMSA Prototype Champion

Another Great Year in Racing- Looking Forward to Bringing you Exciting
Images for 2017!

Happy New Year From

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