Monday, May 15, 2017

The Lady With Her Lincoln

Before I relay my encounter with the Lady with the Lincoln:

To all readers, I'm back but only for two days after traveling on Norwegian Cruise lines to St. Thomas, Tortola and Nassau. The ride aboard the 'Escape' was enjoyable but I'm not used to moving at 22 nautical miles per hour.   For A Week!

All I know is the 6 pounds I gained will be worked off soon as my wife (and me) have serious home chores to do with two properties. The one in Florida is manageable but our New York home is almost 2 acres and it is vegetable planting time and lawn mowing time so good-by extra pounds.

  I head out for NY at 4:00AM. This trip will be done about 80 MPH up RT 95 with my Chevy Impala, leaving my lovely Giulia home.

I will fly back at 500 MPH via Southwest, so each form of transportation is progressively faster.  Giulia, until I get back, take care of the place and there's no form of transportation that beats you for the overall experience!

                                                Will Miss You Giulia-  Will Be Back Soon

Lincoln Lady-

I stopped for gas last night at my usual place- the Rally Mart to get my  93 octane Shell gas. ( I swear by it for all my cars)   As I'm filling up, an older model Lincoln pulls in behind me and a lady gets out; nothing unusual.  After less than a minute, the lady walks over and says, 'What kind of car is that?'   I told her an Alfa Romeo Giulia and she replies- Oh that's the car my husband and I see on the evening news commercials.   It's really beautiful.   Ma'am I think it is too- I'm enjoying it.      Then she adds, we just ordered a new Lincoln but this car is something else.  Can I see the interior?  So I show her the Rosso leather interior and  she said, my that is gorgeous. It looks sporty.   Glad you like it Ma'am.  Back she went to finish fueling the Lincoln.  I said enjoy your new car when it arrives.

I'm sensing she wished she ordered a new Giulia!   I'm glad she got to see an Alfa Romeo.

In all the years I drove a Porsche Boxster and a Cayman, I never had an experience close to that- admirers yes but this lady was taken in by the Giulia.    Alfa Romeo, I believe you have the beginnings of a movement with this car.  

Alfa, all you need is to get the folks to drive one and they will want to buy one.

I'm happy to share my experience with you all. 

And , as I finish packing, I'll leave you with a nice photo I took at 5:00Am last Saturday as we pulled into the port of Miami.   My name for this picture is 'Moon Over Miami'.    I'm sure that city will see a lot of Alfa's roaming the streets very soon.  

         Will be back soon-  camera is with me hunting for some great car photos to bring you!

Paul Ziegler, Publisher/ Photographer

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