Monday, May 1, 2017

What Is An Alfa Romeo?

For many of you those are the first words you say when I mention I bought an Alfa Romeo. So in  the interest of a quick education on the subject I put together this post for you.  To those in the know, you can enjoy the pictures I've attached that I took at Watkins Glen in September 2016 during the vintage races. And I think all will like the video presentation by Alfa Romeo CEO, Reid Bigland.

Here's a nice overview on the company and its racing heritage so one can develop an appreciation for this exciting brand. It is very good news to the ears of  Alfa lovers having them back in the US as the article below points out.  Be sure to play the video embedded in the article as well:

Please click here:
Getting To Know Alfa Romeo

 Here's a picture of a 2017 Giulia Ti with the sport package- my newest addition to the garage. See the previous post for a full driving impression report.

                                                             Italian Style Can't Be Beat

       The next section is a selection of Alfa Romeo race cars from the past and the story behind
       the cloverleaf design on their race cars:

       Where the cloverleaf came from:

The story behind the cloverleaf.

You will not want to miss this Video!
Alfa Romeo History Lesson By Reid Bigland, CEO

So now you have a little background - here's a sample of some of their race cars.  Beauty and grace in motion!  Enjoy the gallery of photos.

And here's a street version spotted at Festivals of speed in St. Petersburg

I wish I had more to show you - these are beautiful cars!  More to come in future posts as my camera finds them.

Paul Ziegler,


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