Sunday, May 1, 2022

Sunday Drive and The Great EV Hoax

Who says that cars powered by fossil fuels cars can't be made efficient? Honda has done their magic on this quick and agile Civic- the new 11th Gen Civic Si.  With 200HP, a tuned suspension and amazing efficiency this is what is possible in a conventional ICE vehicle.

To test the thought you can have fun in a quick, fun petrol burner AND be kind to the environment I took my 2022 Civic Si for a run on back roads today including a stint on US 19 in Florida from Clearwater up to Homosassa. This is a torture test for fuel mileage because there are as many traffic lights on US 19 as there are  McDonald's. It was also hot, up to 90 degrees which can degrade fuel economy. In spite of that here's the proof of what is possible without buying an EV.

                                              After 187 miles - 43.8 MPG     92 Degrees

                                      Morning run- 70 degrees, 71 miles    47.5 MPG!

 Electric vehicles are all the rage these days. Most people, Democrat or Republican and others all support the idea that electric vehicles are the future of the automobile.  

Not so fast- please watch this video to see what the truth is about how cars are (or are not) the cause of global warming and climate change.  This video will make you think- at least I hope so.  There's no stopping the trend toward going all EV, but we need to be careful before jumping off the cliff and abandoning the internal combustion engine.

Get the facts before making false assumptions   Take a look at this: You may change your thinking.

EV's For All? Not So Fast

Here's a good alternative-  The Honda Civic Si.    You can't go wrong while having fun!

                                                Meet the fuel sipping champ!

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