Thursday, June 2, 2022

Track Day At The Firm With A Civic Si

                Excellent video from the folks who bring you two excellent magazines!

 I came across this video done by Grassroots Motorsports of a 2022 Civic Si as they ran it on a track called the FIRM in central Florida.  I don't track my car but I've been curious as to how it would do on a track.

Well, this video answered my curiosity. You will be surprised as to how well it does right out of the showroom, everything stock!  I like that they compared it to a previous gen Si they tracked there that had been slightly modified.  Which was the faster car?  Watch the video to find out.

On Track With A Civic Si           

Also here's two of my favorite cars in my favorite colors. They are from two different worlds, but they are equally fun to drive.  I previously owned a Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman and now drive a Civic Si. Although they are not in the same league, they both shift remarkably similar and the fun per mile meter reads the same on each!   Below is the Civic Type R .      From Instagram:

Thank you Grassroots Motorsports for a great video and I enjoy your magazine.  If you are not a subsrciber, try it and I also recommed Classic Motorsports magazine published by the same company, headquartered here in Florida.

                               And here's my Civic next to a friend from Tampa BayCafe' Racers.
                                                       What a coincidence- kind of nice.

I hope you enjoyed the video- and stay tuned as I will be heading to Watkins Glen International to photograph the Six Hours of The Glen IMSA race at the end of June.

Brought to you by Paul Ziegler, Publisher and author of "Echoes From The Glen".
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