Friday, June 7, 2024

Cadillac, Cadillac

 I've been away from this desk for a few months.  Guess I've been busy traveling, spring cleaning, doing chores and car buying.  Yes buying another car!  Bring a Trailer strikes again! 

I can't blame BaT for luring me to this latest find.  I was minding my own business one day checking my email and up pops a notice that a 2006 Cadillac DTS just went live on BaT. Of course I look and I'm immediately grabbed by the image of one of the more attractive DTS's I've seen. This time it's a Green Silk over Cashmere leather interior, crowned with a dark green linen top and dressed with a hand painted pinstripe. WOW. 

I immediately asked my wife if she would be interested in buying this to replace her aging 2002 Deville she bought new all those years ago. Her response, why? My car still runs great. (161,000. miles) My answer- cars don't last forever.  She said I'll worry about that when my car dosen't run anymore.

Shot down and disappointed I let it go; for a day.  Then I thought, why not buy it for myself? So I go into auction prep mode. The car is in Allentown, PA, not far from our Rochester, NY home. Interesting.  It is also no reserve and being sold by a dealer. Very interesting.  

I call the selling dealer and offer a deal- if I am the winning bidder, would they be interested in taking my 2022 Hyundai Elantra in on a trade.  That would save me the sales tax and with the proximity of Allentown to Rochester, I could fly up to Rochester, drive my Hyundai to Allentown and return with the Caddy.  Makes sense.  Everything is now lining up.

The auction ends on a Friday, May 10th and I'll never forget that day.  I get up early to see where the bidding is and it is still in very reasonable territory.  The auction ends late that afternoon and I settle in for a day watching the computer, refreshing my browser regularly.  As usual the bidding heats up and the numbers slowly climb. As we approach the last hour the bids have gone up to a level that's still Ok but approaching my mental stop. With 5 minutes to go it is apparent its me and one other guy duking it out to take this beauty home. The auction ends and we are in OT. Two minute chunks of one upmanship first $100. then $250. at a time. A right hook, a left hook, a body blow it keeps going for 20 minutes but I'm not giving up.  The other guy finally gave up at $15,350.  The price is fair and the fact I can trade my car in, saving on sales tax AND I can pick the car up saving on shipping makes this a great deal for me.

I'm happy and I'm sure the seller- R H Kressley's Auto & Truck Sales is happy too. By the way they were super to deal with. A wonderful family owned business.  A good deal for both which is all you can ask for.  Fast forward 4 days and I get up at 4:00AM drive to Allentown, swap cars and I'm headed back to Rochester, NY with my new ride.  

Here's some pictures of my new luxury car, in a rare color and in like new condition. A one owner beauty with a V8 reminding me of the good old days. Life is good.

                                   Incredibly beautiful example of Cadillac's icon DTS. Only 21,000 miles

                                                          Looks good next to the 2002 Deville

Ultra clean !

                                    Join the family- 2017 CT6, 2006 DTS and 2002 Deville

  I'll be updating you on my journey with the new DTS. I fly up to Rochester next week to pick her up     and drive her back to Florida.

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Author of "Echoes From The Glen" 

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