Saturday, April 19, 2014

Southern Nationals and NitroJam

I love living in Florida.  There are car races and car shows going on all the time.  It is a car guy paradise. Growing up outside Rochester, NY there was little time for summer sports because the season was short and the weather not always on your side.  The biggest thing going was Watkins Glen for NASCAR and sports car racing and even  F-1 back in the day, if it was not raining or freezing.
Last weekend I headed to Bradenton Motorsports Park just an hour from my home base in Seminole to check out the Southern Nationals and NitroJam.  For $30.00 you got your money's worth and then some. This year they had the jet powered Embry-Riddle dragsters driven by a team of four women and you has to see it to believe it.  How about 0- 60 in .8 seconds with 5,000. HP!  Strap a  General electric J-85 jet engine behind your butt and see what it will do.  How about 280+ MPH in the 1/4 mile.  Along with that attraction they had Nitro Harley's  (now that's crazy) and a full field including Funny cars, fuel dragsters, Pro Stock  and on and on.  So here's a taste of what it was like on that beautiful cool night in Bradenton.  (When the video I shot edited, I'll be back with a post of that)

Ready To Launch

So Fast Its A Blur

Marisha Falk- Fast On Her Feet, Faster In The Car!

Get Crazy On A Harley

More to come on the next post.

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