Saturday, April 26, 2014

DIY Weekend Warrior Project

The weather is perfect, it's Saturday and I have a little time so I decide to change the oil in my daily driver, my trustworthy Chevy Impala.  With the temperature in the 70's this is the time to change the oil- no sweat!  So first empty the garage of my two 'children',  my 2000 Porsche Boxster and my 1987 Pontiac Trans Am GTA.  Cover the Porsche and bring in the Impala.  Up goes the jack and in my normal multi-tasking fashion I decide to rotate the tires and check the front brake pads while I'm at it.  Of course- the pads are OK but I have a spare set sitting on the shelf and what the heck - lets replace them!  If I wait 3 more months to do it, I'll regret it because by then it will be 90 outside and even with a fan, its not as fun as today's cool temp.   So here's the series of pictures -  sorry no exotic cars or races to film today-  this is a working weekend.   All the above took about one hour and if you want to get the complete process on how I do this, just click the contact button on the blog.  I've been doing this light duty maintenance in my garage for years and it works fine and saves a bunch of money.  You also know the job is done right- I never had a loose lug nut, a drain plug that was not tightened properly or a squeaky brake caliper.  Working 20 years at 'Texaco Tech'  ( My first job at my friends Texaco, turned Mobil station up in Palmyra, NY) paid off with some good, practical car care knowledge.

Make Room For The Impala
Keep The Sun Off

Off Comes The Old Pads
Rotate The Tires

Just Like New-  48,000 Miles

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Check Back Soon!

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