Wednesday, October 22, 2014

du Pont Registry Cars & Coffee Spooky Style

For the October Cars & Coffee  I am celebrating Halloween early with this version of the October 18th show- shot from a different perspective.   My camera disappeared as soon as the sun came up - kind of spooky.   ( Just Kidding) The morning dawn comes late in October before the time change and here's a different look at some beautiful machines.  It almost makes you wonder if they are alive, or creatures of the night.

 For dramatic affect, look at these picture and put on some music by Spooky Tooth. You rockers from the late '60's   know the band.  'Evil Woman' might be one rift for starters.  The 'Woman' could be your honey or your car- either one! For any of you younger readers you might want to check them out- cool stuff by today's standards.    Making it easy for you, here's  four You Tube videos to play and minimize as you view the pictures. As good today as they were back then.   True Halloween atmosphere!  (Except the 1969 sweet surprise - the same guys.)

Spook Tooth - Evil Woman

Waitin' For The Wind

Better By You, Better than Me

That Was Only Yesterday- 1969 Sweet!

Enjoy the pictures:
The Gray Ghost  &  The Goat (GTO)

The Hulk's Muscles

Look At The Right Rear Of The Car
Is That A WITCH!  OMG!


This Vette's Eyes Are on Me!
Could Be A Scary Face 
Lady of the Night

I'm Watching You
They Went That way
Slipping In On The Green Slime
Beam Me Up, Scotty!


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