Saturday, October 4, 2014

Guns or Roses? What Do You Prefer?

That's right, Guns or Roses not Guns n Roses is the title of this post.  I had to come up with a comparison of something my readers could relate to when trying to understand the differences in my two cars.   I also promised last week to return the next post to racing so I've thrown in a nice video from a lap at Monaco in a Formula 1 car.  But first I ask what you prefer, a powerful heavy weight with a deep voice or an agile athlete that is nimble but can scream with the push of the gas pedal.  Feel free to send me a vote on your preference.

 Subject #1 is my 1987 Trans Am GTA with a Corvette motor that has tree stump pulling torque and an exhaust that rumbles and then barks out bursts of short backfires like gunshots. This is like driving a  3800 pound sledge hammer until you come to a corner and realize this car acts like a featherweight with ballet shoes, considering the weight factor.  Pontiac did a really good job on the suspension tuning back in the day.

Love the Wing and the Lace Wheels

Subject #2 is my 2000 Porsche Boxster that has a docile sound until you put it in second gear, get the rev band up to 3000 and feel it surge with a howl up to 6500 RPM in seconds as it sucks in air through the intake on the rear fender.  It's like like you just gave it a sip of nitro.  Come into a corner hard and the car acts like a go cart- this one's only 2850 pounds and it has almost perfect weight distribution with the motor mounted low and behind you, like a Formula 1 race car!

Two cars could not be more different but they are equally fun to drive, only for different reasons.

Flat Out Love The Color and The Looks

So Which One Do You Like Best?      Send Me Your Vote at

Now for two videos I think you will like. The first is a continuation of the theme- which car do you like better and the second is an amazing video of one lap with a Red Bull F1 car at Monaco. Shifting as fast as Slash can finger pick a guitar and engine revs up to 18,000 RPM's.   Don't try this, only a few people in the world can drive this way!

Which Car Do You Like Video.  Very Nice Choice of Vehicles   Click Below

Firebird or Firebird?

CRAZY FAST - And shifting almost as fast a Slash on a Guitar!  Click Below
One lap Of Monaco With Red Bull Racing

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