Monday, November 3, 2014

Ferrari's on the Circle, A Unique Car Show

Anyone fortunate enough to be at St. Armands Circle Park in Sarasota, FL on Saturday, November 1st  were treated to a special car show that happens only once a year.  No other cars can grace the grounds of St Armands Circle, making this event every bit as special as it sounds. A lonely lime green Lamborghini parked outside on the street looking in all day was a reminder that this was no ordinary show.

 If you didn't make it this year, put this show on your list to attend next November. Here are some random shots showing off magnificent cars that are both art on wheels and engineering wonders. And not all Ferraris are red:

This Lambo Could Not Get In

Through These Posts  - The Cars of Your Dreams
Artwork Is All Around The Circle

Not All Ferraris Are Red

Perfect Day

The Oldest Car In The Show

New Meaning To 'A Growler'

No This Is Not An Airplane- But It Flies!

The Loves of Your Life

Different Perspective

Nice Wheels

Bat Mobile?

Night Vision

Beautiful Blue Hue Next To Black

Be Sure To Be There Next Year!

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