Saturday, January 19, 2019

What's A MERA?

January 19, 2019.   Nineteen nineteen day.   While waiting to head to the Rolex 24 Hour race in a few days, I took my Alfa Romeo Giulia to du Pont Registry's Cars and Coffee this morning. There I got to see a real live MERA.   A 1988 MERA.


A MERA is a Pontiac Fiero converted into the gorgeous car seen here.  The fellow that brought the MERA to Cars and Coffee this morning had just purchased it a few days ago and  was happy to show the crowd his new Ferrari-looking find.  I took a double take myself and when I heard it was a Pontiac Fiero based car, was blown away.  My daughter had a Fiero in the early '90's, red just like this one. But it didn't look like this!

So here's the pictures that I happened to photograph of a real Ferrari 328 ( which is almost identical to the 308) and the MERA. It is amazing how good a job they did on this 'replica'.

If you want to know more, click on this link:

Click Here:  MERA Article

                                          MERA                                                    MERA




                                                             CONFUSING!  YEP

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