Monday, January 21, 2019

What's You Carrying Horses? That's Right 600 of Them!

This is a post about horses and that was a line that caught my attention when listening to a YouTube video on the life of racing champion, Graham Hill.  At 11:52 into the video you will hear a girl that was hitch hiking ask the question when given a lift by the BRM team transport, the team Graham drove for at that time. If you have any interest at all in Formula 1 racing, you should see the video; it is excellent and will open your eyes to a world of racing far different than today.

You see, Graham Hill came from nowhere to being the only man ever to win motor racing's 'Triple Crown' - The Formula 1 World Championship twice, the Indy 500 and the 24 Hours of LeMans! An achievement never before or after him has ever been done. That's a club of one in all of history!

Click here to see the video:

Graham Hill, Racing Legend

So it is only fitting that with all this talk of horses that I show you some and at the same time tell you about my first visit to a polo match, complete with a tailgate party with members from two Alfa Romeo clubs getting together in Sarasota, FL.

Here are horses and cars with lots of horses:   Enjoy the pictures.

Red seems to be the color of the day.  Tailgate time Alfa Romeo Club members!

The game begins.


                              They even had Clydesdales to give kids a ride on the wagon.
Divit stomping, wagon rides, parading your dog all during half time.

Cars with lots of horses, of course.

See You Next Time, my Alfa Romeo Friends!

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