Monday, June 9, 2014

Canadian Chrome? Formula 1 Post Series

My favorite car and driver in another day and time was as we say,  the ride to beat:

      Michael Schumacher Ferrari F-1  2000
PreKERSer of DRS to come??  :)
                                      Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull Win First Time This Year!


This was not the weekend for race favorites- from horses to horsepower.  California Chrome ran out of steam in the last half of the race at Belmont and so did both of the Mercedes at the Canadian Grand Prix. The 2014 Canadian Grand Prix had so much action, so much excitement, it was like a NASCAR Sprint Cup race with spins, lead changes at the end and the eventual last lap crash in F-1 style that almost eliminated Vettel, and caused the race to end under yellow.  For the first time this year we got a win by something other than Mercedes.  This was an exciting ending and one of the better races you will see.  It was drama and nail biting for dozens of laps which is the stuff stories come from and this race will be the story of the season for now.  Who knows if it is a turning point in the war between Red Bull and Mercedes.  Probably not as Mercedes is up on power and consistency of performance.  Check out this report from BBC Sport Formula 1.   Gotta see and read this:

Canadian Grand Prix Wrap Up Report

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