Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Formula 1 Post Series Continued

With the Canadian Grand Prix coming up this weekend and the Monaco Grand Prix recently completed my thoughts turn to getting to see an F-1 race again. It was wonderful living near Watkins Glen, NY back in the day when F-1 came to America in my 'backyard' at least relatively speaking.  I was envious today when I heard one of my friends was heading to Canada Thursday to see the race this weekend. I will settle for watching it on TV.  A lot less expensive but nowhere near the experience of being there.  With that I'll leave you with a wish for Michael Schumacher to get well - we are all pulling for you.  Now that the 2014 Grand Prix of Monaco is completed I also have a special video to honor Ayrton Senna and his superior skill at driving there. Monaco is probably the toughest street course in the world.  Ayrton, you are fondly remembered and are still an inspiration to many.

US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen , NY  1976

AYRTON SENNA- One of the best!

Click Below To See Why

 Ayrton At Monaco

And This Video Will Make You Wonder How Did He Do It?

One Lap At Monaco

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