Monday, June 16, 2014

Michael Schumacher Out Of Coma

A bit of very good news greeted me today as I sat watching the evening news after dinner.  After hearing of atrocities in Iraq and seeing the carnage left by ISIS, I must say I was not in a good mood and  was just about to press the off button on the TV remote when I heard, 'And now news of Michael Schumacher',  then a pause.  I immediately braced myself for something bad, I thought he's taken a turn for the worse, or something as incomprehensible as he's died!  Shocking.  My fear turned to relief when the announcer said he was out of the coma and was leaving the hospital in Grenoble.  My whole mood change and thought, there is hope.   Take a look at the video on this BBC report to give you a good overview of what we know so far.  We will need to give him time to continue the recovery process that will be long and uncertain, but we can celebrate this milestone for him. At the risk of being repetitive, here's my 1:18th scale shot of Michael in a 2000 Ferrari.

                 For the latest report on Michael's condition see this BBC Sports Report

                                               Michael Schumacher Out of Coma


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