Saturday, June 21, 2014

duPont Registry Cars & Coffee Cameras

Cameras  at  duPont registry's Cars& Coffee are going hi tech.  Cars & Coffee is one of the largest cars shows in the St. Petersburg area and is held every third Saturday of the month.  Each month there is a contest for the best photo and you see many different kinds of cameras at the event. I captured on film a couple of cameras that are really creative.  One car owner filmed his entrance into the show with a Go Pro attached to his Corvette.   Now that's a good idea.  But wait- there's more...

Trailing this line of cars is a Corvette with a Go  Pro Camera

Not to be outdone, Tulio who came all the way from Brazil OK'd my photographing him with his 'drone' aerial view video camera.   What will they think of next?    Cars & Coffee draws fans from all over and it is THE car show you don't want to miss.

Now here's Tulio and his flying camera!
Tulio From Barzil

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